Private Health Insurance
for employees

Everyone who visits or lives in Germany must have health insurance. If you become an employee, you’ll be automatically signed up for public health unless you meet the gross income threshold of €69,300 per year or €5,775 per month (in 2024). The threshold changes annually.
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Advantages of private health insurance for employees

Better coverage for less money. Save up to 4,000 € per year

Example premium for a 32 years old employed


Basic insurance protection

€ 506


Good tarif for best price

€ 262
We recommend


Best value for money

€ 296


Outstanding coverage

€ 336
Outpatient services
All doctors and appointments through our Concierge
Direct access to specialist
Glasses and contact lenses
up to 100€ every 3 years
up to 250€ every 2 years
up to 450€ every 2 years
Alternative practitioners
up to 500€ per year
up to 1.000€ per year
up to 2.000€ per year
Coverage in hospitals
Treatment by chief physician
muti-bed room
double room
private room
private room
Access to hospitals that only accept private patients
Dental Services
Dental treatments, including teeth cleaning and prophylactic treatments
up to 25%
White fillings, crowns and implants
0% / 200 € / 0%
100% / 70 % / 70%
100% / 80% /80%
100% / 90%/ 90%
Other services
Premium refund
up to 2 monthly premiums
up to 4 monthly premiums
Worldwide coverage and repatriation
Preventive health checkups without age limits
Second opinion

Benefits of Choosing Private Health Insurance for Employees

Employees who earn more than the annual income threshold often find private insurance coverage to be their best option. Here are the main benefits:
  • check mark Lower insurance contributions that aren’t based on your income
  • check mark More comprehensive coverage
  • check mark Flexibility in choosing the services included in your coverage
  • check mark Shorter waiting times for appointments
  • check mark Premium refunds and bonuses when you don’t file any claims

Compulsory Insurance

If your income, as an employee, does not reach the income threshold, you’re classified as a compulsorily insured employee. This means that you don’t have a choice between public and private insurance — you must use public health insurance. Your employer will automatically register you.

Voluntary Insurance

If your income surpasses the income threshold, you are considered as a voluntarily insured employee and can choose private health insurance. Get your quote now !

Private Health Insurance For Germany

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